Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Rates?

Pricing varies from project to project, but we are willing to match any advertised rate for any comparable project. Your satisfaction is priority and are willing to work with you in any way that we can.

Pricing will include equipment costs, shooting the video, editing and any changes that are needed. However, if any changes take place that were outside of the original agreement, an additional cost will be charged.

What Will The Process Be?

We take time at the very beginning to find out exactly what your are wanting. We will work with ideas to make the final project exactly what you want. After that, a quote will be created. Once that’s approved, we request 1/2 of the amount be paid when production starts and the other 1/2 when the project is completed.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Video?

Generally a video takes as long as 2 hours for every 1 minute of finished video. Depending on what kind of project it is and how complicated it is, this can vary greatly. Another factor in the process is converting the video from the editing program or “rendering” to a regular video file. This can take as long as 5 hours or as little as 30 seconds for a 30 second video.

We do not charge for the rendering process unless a change has occurred that the customer requested.

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