Real Estate Video Listings

Real Estate Video Listings

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“RealNetworks” (a pioneer in video streaming industry) showed that visitors stayed at websites that use video 78% longer than websites that had no video.

Why Should I Use Video in My Real Estate Listing?

Using online video is a great tool to expose beautiful homes to potential buyers quickly and easily. Thanks to social media, videos are shared easily and often and can reach a global audience in seconds. Because the use of video technology online has exploded in the past 2 years, users increasingly expect multimedia when they visit a website. If you’re not using the incredible power of online video to help you sell more houses, then you’re leaving an awful lot of potential commissions lying on the table.

Home buyers love the convenience of video tours. They can spend as much time as they want browsing all kinds of properties from the comfort of their computer, and without the assistance of a realtor. This allows them to quickly eliminate most of the unsuitable properties and zero in on the ones they really want.

As one seller joked, they can now “clean once and show many times.”

Unlike standard virtual tours that use still pictures and often still leave the viewers guessing, video allows the potential buyers the chance to actually “walk through” the home at their leisure, and as many times as they want. Without having to bother their realtor for a showing. This saves you an incredible amount of time, time you now probably waste showing people unsuitable homes, or spending time showing homes to sightseers, so you can concentrate on your most likely prospects. What’s more, when a buyer decides to make a serious inquiry about a property, they will usually contact the realtor they saw on the virtual tour.

With online video, you can show the property instantly and automatically, around the clock to people from all around the world, vastly increasing your pool of prospects for each home. Prospects visiting from out of town can quickly and easily compile a list of properties beforehand that they want to view.

About 80% of home buyers begin their search online

Since broadband and other high-speed Internet connections have become so common, there’s no excuse not to add virtual tours to all of your listings. reports that listings with virtual tours get clicked on 40% more times than listings without.

Sellers also love video tours because the house is being shown 24 hours a day, seven days a week, reducing the eternal headache of scheduling live viewings. Also, as one seller joked, they can now “clean once and show many times.”

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at these hard numbers:

• About 80% of home buyers begin their search online
• Visitors stay at websites using video 78% more than websites without video, according to Real Networks
• Also according to Real Networks, 86% of website visitors will stay to listen and watch a streaming media presentation when there is one
• In a 2003 NAR survey, almost half of sellers (47%) rated Virtual Tours as one of the most important elements in a listing, second only to photos

Stephen Jagger of Ubertor says, “…a lot more agents are moving away from virtual tours and into video.”

Here’s a good example from Lucas Lechuga, a realtor with Miami Condo Investments:

“I can attest to the fact that video does wonders in real estate. I’ve sold properties through video where the buyer didn’t physically see it before making the purchase. Video to them did a whole lot more than picture slideshows could ever do. I get people from other cities, as a result, who are interested in real estate here because of the videos that I host.”

Of course, it’s not the video tour itself that sells the home – you still need to sell the property on its own merits. But the online video gives the experience of actually being there. Imagine a video that lets the viewer sit on the dock and watch the sparkling water while listening to the rustle of the palm leaves, the birds singing, and bald eagles soaring overhead.

Many well-known real estate professionals are also seeing the benefits of video over standard virtual tours:

Stephen Jagger of Ubertor says, “…a lot more agents are moving away from virtual tours and into video.” And Joel Burslem from agrees that “…video is the next evolution of the virtual tour”.

Other benefits of online video tours:

Other benefits of online video tours include being able to email links of your video to other agents, or directly to interested potential buyers. Prospects can revisit the online tours at any time to refresh their memory regarding a specific home. And other agents can show your listings by simply sending their clients to the video tour web page.

Just like you wouldn’t dream of trying to sell houses today without a website showing online listings, the time is very near when not using video in your online listings will be unthinkable. So you have a choice: either adopt the new technology now while you can still beat out much of your competition, or bring up the rear at some later date (and lose a lot of potential profit in the meantime).

Want to have video listings for your homes?

Indigo Studios will create a custom video for your real estate listings to suit your needs. We will use a voice over and text to provide useful information for each video listing. Each video will also have soft background music to create a comfortable atmosphere to provide you with an excellent opportunity to stand out among the rest!

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