Average To Awesome

This was another bumper video, but (as you can see) all fake except for the opening. I wrote, directed, shot all but the B-Camera and built the stage from scratch in after effects. I also directed the music – we overlaid the lead guitar over an existing stock track. All of the sound is fabricated […]

Not Forgotten – Stop Motion Music Video

This was done for our Christmas service and played during one of the “feature” songs to reinforce the message. I wanted to do something experimental, so, along with 2 others from my creative team, I directed and shot most of this video from ideas that we had that might work. There are a lot of […]

Chris Torres Testimony

This was shown just before the message in our main service. I directed, edited, operated the side camera (the dolly shot) and directed the lighting. I had an A-Camera operator and a lighting tech. I shot 95% of the B-Roll. I didn’t create the graphic at the end.

Never Change Music Video

This is Sagebrush’s worship team that recorded their first original record. I directed, edited, lit and shot the A Camera on this video and set it up with a help from one of my colleague. My colleague did all of the moving dolly shots. This was only for facebook / youtube viewers.

795 Las Campanas – Lake of the Ozarks

Step into true architectural design & craftsmanship with this gated estate property that is “Lake Style” at its best.

Real Estate Video Listings

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Why Should My Business Have a Video?

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Transforming Church

This video was used as a series intro for our church. Director’s Notes: I wanted a simple, yet layered feel with this project. I feel like depth and simplicity was accomplished in every sense of the term. The only thing I don’t love is the text at the end. I wish I could have made […]

Wedding Memory Video – Jon & Megan

This is a memory video done for a long-time friend. They showed the video at the beginning of their wedding reception. Director’s Notes: I was given about 200 pictures and a couple of weeks time to put this video together. There are several things that I look back on and would love to change, but […]